Temple thoughts

27 Jul

It’s almost here – it’s the three weeks and Tisha B’Av is coming.  I dread it as I dread any fast day – will I get a headache?  Will it feel like the day is a week long?  Will I have the proper mindset?

Tisha B’Av is not as bad as Yom Kippur – when not only do we fast but we also must concentrate like crazy on the davening.  Those two things together make me extremely nervous.  Will I be able to have the right frame of mind?  Will I be able to cry like we are supposed to?

So, yes I dread these sad days.  Basically I don’t like sadness, not that others do but I really abhor it.  If something bad happens I try to find the good thing that can come out of it, the silver lining, etc.

But let’s just talk about Tisha B’Av.  So the whole idea is this is the day when the Temples were destroyed;  we are really supposed to be mourning the loss of the Temples.  Also other bad things happened on that day, but mainly, we are mourning the loss of that close connection with God that we had when the Temple stood (Temples, there were two).

But mostly we talk about other stuff – sad stuff, of course, but not the Temple.  We talk about the Holocaust, other sad events, all designed to make us feel sad and mournful.  Of course it works.  But do we ever spend enough time thinking about the real reason for the day – the destruction of the Temple?

So this year I have downloaded the entire history of the Temple’s destruction by Josephus and I intend to read it.  Apparently it is the only, and best, eyewitness account of the event.

See, I want to be able to feel what that loss meant to the people who stood there and watched it, and what it means to us now.  What would life be like with a Holy Temple?  What kind of people would we be?  We probably can’t even imagine any of this, and that in itself is a reason to mourn.

More later.

# 1 – July 27, 2011

27 Jul

I hear that WordPress is better than blogspot as far as tagging, etc., not that I really know what that means, but I can fake it with the best of them.

I find that writing is very therapeutic (surprise!) and I have had a blog for a while at diettalk.blogspot.com, talking about food issues.

We’ll see if WordPress does a better job/is easier to use.